Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Two Paintings And A Few Words...

Full Moon Rising
11x14 Woodstain on Coldpress
2006; Loree Harrell

I seem to be feeling somewhat mute tonight, so we'll do a piece of art, and a couple short writings, and another piece of art, and say good night.

Some Days The World
Loree Harrell; 2003

They were right there. And then they weren't. It was only a matter of seconds in between and she knew, she KNEW, they had heard her calling. Knew they still could and were ignoring her, whether out of simple bullheadedness, or Greater Good, it just really didn't matter just then.

First she got angry and said, Fine... Just Stay Away Then. Then she got hurt and said, Why Don't You Love Me Enough. Then she knew she was just scared and said, Please.

That's when they came back.


And Then
Loree Harrell; 2003

"It was totally incongruent."
"I'm sorry, what? Faded out on you there for a minute."
"I said it was totally incongruent. Didn't make any sense at all."
"What was? Didn't?"
"What they said. It contradicted itself. Three different ways. At least."
"What who said?"
"All of Them. Anything could be interpreted to mean most anything if you really broke it down and looked at it hard enough."
"Like what?"
"Never mind."

A Stranger At The Door
8x8 Woodstain On Coldpress
:Loree Harrell; 2006

Good Night.


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