Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Work: A New Shade Of Gold by Loree Harrell

Finished a fun work today... I've done some painting on lamps I just had around and loved them, so when a client saw one and requested I do some for sale, I agreed. Last week I finally did some hunting, and came across a shade I liked. They take quite a long time, in several wash-consistency layers to make sure I maintain the translucence of the shade, but the first one is in the bag, with three more waiting in the wings. I'm thinkin' blue next.

A New Shade Of Gold
Original Abstract Art Lampshade
Loree Harrell; 2006

I am listing the shades under my BuzzArt i.d. on Etsy until my website
is up and running. This one is several layers of acrylic ink & metallics,
with a final wash of gloss amber. 55.00 5.00 shipping (shade only).

Summer is winding down... get out there and enjoy it!

Best, Loree


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