Wednesday, May 31, 2006

NiNi Arts Abstract Lady Series.....

This original painting is called "Violet" from my Abstract Lady Series. See my NiNi Arts Ebay store for details. Or search my ebay ID.... niniartsstudio.

Red, White & Blue FACE & CAT

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Flashy Pinto Colt

Black and White Pinto Horse

Original ACEO

2.5" x 3.5"


A flashy pinto colt showing off his free floating trot. It is drawn on acid free 140lb. white pastel paper and signed, dated and finger printed by the artist on the back of each card. A great gift for the horse lover! Size of card 2.5"x 3.5". Also check the ebay store Cat Mountain Arts for more art by me, Kari and my brother Jeff. Search 12ART for the best art on eBay! . Not a print. Medium-Prismacolor. 

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sun Kissed Bath

Orange Tabby Kitten

Original ACEO

2.5" x 3.5"

Tabby Kittens

Sun Kissed Bath

This auction is for one original Color Pencil and Pastel ACEO. Not a print. I love the way kitties will find the bit of sunlight to take a bath. This cute little orange fluff found a purrfect fit in a stirrup. This is drawn on acid free 140 lb. pastel paper and signed and fingerprinted by the artist on the back of the card. A great gift for the animal lover! Size of card 2.5"x 3.5". Also check the ebay store Cat
Mountain Arts
for more art by me, Kari and my brother Jeff. Search 12ART for the best art on eBay!

New Foal Art Card

"Curious Foal" 2.5x3.5" color pencil on plate Bristol paper. Free shipping on this item! To see this Art Card on eBay click here:

Saturday, May 27, 2006

... And AMorphUs Again!

Dreaming New Orleans: AMorphUs #9

The ninth entry in The AMorphUs Series, this began with my "Dreaming New Orleans" original woodstain, enahnced in PhotoPaint to pop the color up a bit and add texture and depth. I am thoroughly enjoying playing with these works and seeing where evolution takes them.

If you wish a signed and numbered print of this work, contact me at
To view my online portfolio, go to

Available sizes
5x5, mattted and framed to 10x10 - 15.00
10x10 - 25.00
12x12 - 32.00
20x20 - 52.00
U.S. shipping included
Have a super holiday weekend!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Pinto Foal

Pinto Foal

Follow Me!

Original Pastel Painting

8.5" x 11"

Pinto Arabian Saddlebred Pastel

A saucy pinto foal inviting anyone to follow him into the barn. Size 8.5" x 11", does not come with frame. Also check the ebay store Cat Mountain Arts for more art by me, Kari and my brother Jeff. Search 12ART for the best art on eBay! 

Buyer to pay $6.00 shipping cost US only, and optional insurance. I welcome international bidders, and appreciate your notifying me of your country and address, so I can calculate shipping costs. Insurance is optional, but if insurance is not included, I will not be held responsible for loss or damage. I accept money order, personal checks, and credit card payments through PayPal. Please make Money Orders out to Fern Creek. I appreciate email contact within three days of the close and payment within 10 days of the close. For any questions contact Combined shipping available at request.

"Red, White & Blue Back Yard CAKE"

by cici Artist

I have been participating in 's Friday topics..

Click to REALLY see my CAKE entry for Friday May 26, 2006

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bathed In Sunshine

AMorphUs #5: Earthborne

She woke up that morning bathed in sunshine
and fire,
Fresh from dreams of a beautiful red bird,
and swimming a golden ocean.

This is the fifth entry in my AMorphUs series. It was begat from the 2006 woodstain on canvas, "Earthborne".

If you wish a signed and numbered quality Fuji print of this work, contact me at

Available sizes
5x5, mattted and framed to 10x10 - 15.00
10x10 - 25.00
12x12 - 32.00
20x20 - 52.00

I hope this day finds you bathed in sunshine...

You may view my portfolio at

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

High Waves - Oil Painting by cici artist

Just rolling by on the High Waves.

Click to view listing

one of the pieces in my
Red, White and Blue online Art show.

Click here to go to the opening

Full Moon Rising

At the end of a long and warm midsummer day, she went walking, two much-loved dogs running out ahead or nosing around behind, as the moment dictated. The sun was setting in a spectacular glow of red, and she tried to remember if that was sailors' delight, or sailors' be warned, finally deciding it mattered not much either way as it was unlikely she would be out on the sea tomorrow.

They walked the quiet road for miles, as dusk fell and frogs and crickets began their evening symphony, enjoying the freshening evening breeze and the simple joy of one step to one step to one step.

And when they turned finally towards home, there in the darkened sky, was a full moon rising.

copyright Loree Harrell; 2006

Full Moon Rising is a 2006 11x14 woodstain on Strathmore coldpress watercolor paper. The original is currently available (250.00). Signed and consecutively numbered prints are also available (8x10 - 20.00; 11x14 - 28.00; 16x20 - 45.00). Contact me at for more information!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


SUGAR BABY 2.5x3.5" graphite and color pencil
PAINT FOAL 2.5x3.5" color pencil with irridescent duochrome watercolor background Click here to visit these two auctions!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Energetic & Figurative Abstract Art Prints

And let the shows begin!
I am sitting here tonight with toothpicks propping up my eyelids - rudely yawning every time I try to open my mouth to speak to someone, because I got the first eight hours sleep in a week today, and it has apparently ruined me! Was functioning nicely on triple espressos and 24 hour runs between naps, but me, a soft pillow, a firm bed, and a non-functioning alarm clock would be a most wonderful conjunction right about now.

The Columbia Gorge Art Festival was this past Saturday and Sunday out here in Oregon, and I had a blast. There is simply nothing as great as having someone get "caught" by your art and hang out looking, and looking some more. It is so much fun to talk to people and hear what images they're finding in my work (turns out the one I finished at the show has a bicyclist in it. Who knew?? Silly me, I thought it was some sort of archetypal prehistoric fish!). Had truly heArtwarming comments from people at this show - and not one, "Hmm, well, that's ...uh... interesting". It was a great start to my summer show schedule. Sold almost all the prints I had in stock, plus an original, and a good portion of my card and BookLit inventory. PLUS, the good folks running the show were feeding the artists from the barbeque free!!! It doesn't get a whole lot better than that..

You can see my current portfolio at Browse around, find the image(s) you like, and then contact me at to order signed and numbered prints at great prices. If you wish a price list, you know where I'm at!

I hope you are having a marvelous spring!...
now I'm off to nap.

"My Hanging Hearts" by cici artist

Friday, May 19, 2006

New art cards

Star, oil on linen

Wild Arabs, oil on linen

Growing Money

a matted Giclee
from cici's Moneyscape series
Click image to go to listing

8x10 mat with 5x7 giclee

Great gift
for Father's Day
and Graduation Day!

Growing Money by cici artist

Thursday, May 18, 2006

BEACH Calm Waves on the Shore by cici

The blue of the water rippled with whites by the sands...
inspired this piece.

Click image for listing

an ACEO by cici artist

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

~*~ the heir to my throne ~*~

Ol Red

O'l Red just ain't what he used to be

His drumsticks both have gout

His strut is downright rickety

As he sadly gimps about

His eyesight's dimmed, his crow's gone bad

And when he hits the henhouse.......

Well...things are looking sad

He causes quite a cackle

And the farmer's wife will scorn

But he'll risk her wrath most everyday

Just to soak his corns

Monday, May 15, 2006

MONEYscapes by cici artist

Abstract Art
Great gift for Graduate or Father's Day!

Moneyscapes by cici artist

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Folk Art - 2 Framed Works by cici artist

2 Original Framed and Matted Folk Art Works!
(Worth it for the framing alone!)

(also see wonderful ACEO mats in my store)

cici artist

Friday, May 12, 2006

OK, So They Are Not Horses............!

"Beau-B-Darlin' and his Mini-Me" 2.5x3.5 oil on matboard
"Beau-B-Darlin" 8x10 oil on canvas
"Meijse" 8x10 oil on canvas

Thursday, May 11, 2006

An Apple A Day by cici artist

For 100 days, last summer, I placed an apple before my canvas, painted the apple.. and then ate the apple... An Apple A Day

My Friend Ruby

Pinto Saddlebred Arabian Filly
Original Pastel Painting
8.5" x 11"

My Friend Ruby

This auction is for one Original Pastel Painting. Not a print. This is my friend Ruby Tuesday. She is a bottle raised filly that grew up at my place when a baby, and just again recently. This is her now as a 3 year old snorting off into my pasture. For the full Ruby story go here
Size 8.5"x 11", does not come with frame. Also check the ebay store

Cat Mountain Arts

for more art by me, Kari and my brother Jeff.

Search 12ART for the best art on eBay!

To paint or not to paint...

I just finished my last commission. At least for a while. Here it is...

So, now I can paint for myself again! It feels so good knowing I am caught up. But, all of this painting has really taken a toll on myself...should I take the day off and give myself a make over? Do you think I need a facial? Some teeth whitening?

Nah, I'll just paint.

Flame - King of Azul Island

A Short Story For Thursday

Who Goes There
5x5 woodstain
Loree Harrell; 2006

That was the day Who decided to go There. He had woken up that morning feeling a bit discouraged with life in general and Home in particular, and was seriously in need of an immediate change of venue. Who fixed himself breakfast and splashed water on his pertinent parts, then opened the front door and contemplated Direction. Sure enough, it was clear that Here was out - muddy and cold. And When looked like a storm was coming in over the mountain. Which left Everywhere (Who always got lost when he headed in the direction of Everywhere) and There. Who packed a lunch, whistled Whatever in from the yard, and they started walking the trail to There, where, today, the grass was greener, the sun shone brightly, and the otters were playing in the river.

Loree Harrell; 2006

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Money Goddess - another view

cici artist - Giclee of watercolor framed in gold mat and wood frame.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Energetic Abstract Art by Loree Harrell

At The End Of A Day
5x7 Woodstain and Ink
Loree Harrell, 2006

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Money Goddess by cici artist

This piece comes matted (with one of the mats from my store) AND framed too! It was created to be given as a graduation gift.

Girl Talk (a little gossip at the water hole)

2 Bald Faced Pinto Mares

Girl Talk (A Little Gossip at the Water Hole)

Original ACEO
2.5" x 3.5"

This auction is a pencil and pastel drawing of 2 Pinto mares seeming to have a conversation in the pasture. Girl Talk, "A little Gossip at the Water Hole!!" is the fifth in a series of pencil drawings I have done of mares and fillies interacting with each other. Note the color may be lighter or darker depending on your monitor. Search ACEO to see more great mini art by over 1,000 artists. Also check the ebay store Cat Mountain Arts for more art by me, Kari and my brother Jeff.

Search 12ART for the best art on eBay!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

animals and art

Happy Sunday!

5x5 Woodstain
Loree Harrell; 2006

It is raining here in our corner of Oregon today, which means no yardwork, raingear for the hike in the woods with the pups, and a full day for painting. Not a bad thing in any good world!

The original ($50.00), and the signed and numbered print ($11.00 in the First Week category until Tuesday, then $20.00) of this work are available in my eBay store. Original and print are matted and framed to 10x10, and ready to hang when you open the package!

Enjoy your Sunday!, Loree

Ceramic Mask in Wood Frame by cici artist

Title: The Off White Square Transition: Rock and Roll 1
(Looks a little like Elvis) .

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kerry Originals

The Arabian Mini Montage Set

First Week Show And Sale Going On Now!

Jewel Of A Lifetime
30"x40" Oil on embossed foamboard
Loree Harrell; 2004
This work is part of the Songs Series worked in 2003-2004. Jewel Of A Lifetime is the third generation of a collaboration with songwriter Steve Tugwell where I took all the songs on his CD and worked them as energetic abstracts. My working order for the Songs was different from the order on the CD - when I mentioned that to him, he reburned the CD in the order of the painting, and we be agreed the album was stronger in the order the art indicated.

My First Week show and sale is going on through Monday - search otw_studios and visit my eBay store for new originals, prints, cards, and special pricing in the First Week category!! target="blank">Search OT

NiNi Arts Abstract Ladies Series.....

My name is Carol Plattner, NiNi Arts is my ebay store where I offer my original acrylic paintings & canvas prints of my original artwork. I love bright color & I am now creating my Abstract Women Series.

Click on my ebay store link to see more of my abstract ladies....

Or visit my website....

Kerry Originals

ceramic masks by cici artist

Delightful white with light blue, glazed ceramic mask mounted in a frame.

Ceramic, bronze and copper masks on her website too!

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