Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Fires Of The Works; 12x16 oil on canvas

Well, we had a WAR zone here tonight... 9:30-11:00 here in peaceful Oregon looked and sounded like Bagdad on a bad day. Couldn't BELIEVE the noise level and the sheer amount of dollars going up in flames.

Then driving down the road at a little later, this bottle rocket comes shooting out of a parking lot, right at window level on my van. Luckily, it passed a few inches in front of the windshield - if I'd been three feet further down the road, it would have come right through my open driver's side window. Which would have made me cranky, because the passenger window wasn't open and it would have just bounced around and lit stuff (like me!) on fire.

Ah well, the hazards of freedom.

Hope everyone had a super 4th!

2nd in Large Abstract
3rd in Small Abstract
Honorable Mention in Pyrography
Honorable Mention in Best New Talent


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